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"The Defense" is a classic tower defense game with a focus on creating upgrade tactics and to develop the best pitch to make it as difficult as possible for the monsters to reach the gates of the castle. The towers can be tuned in a number of attributes and can be upgraded up to 25 times. The levels are alternating between normal, bonus, air and boss rounds which all requiring a special tactic (especially air). An additional aspect is the world ranking list, which makes it possible to compete with players and friends all over the world.


The game can be saved and paused to resume at a later time. In the game you will find the usual features of the genre: buy life, buy/ sell towers, fasten the game speed and a little ingame-help. There are 4 tower types:

The towers can be "free" placed on the entire game-field. You can upgrade the towers up to 25 times by increasingly upgrade costs. When improving towers, they get emblems on their left lower corner to  display the "upgrade-level" of the tower. It starts with white markings, then green, yellow, blue and finally red..

The status bar displays how much money you have available, what level you are, how much time remains until the next wave spawns, and of course how many points you have already achieved. In the options of the game you can choose if you want to show blood effects, or background music or sound FX on / off.

The game provides online world rankings where you are in comparison to other players somewhere. To be visible in the world rankings, you have to create an online profile. It’s only madatory to choose a player name and a country – no personal informations needed. The comparison with the placements of friends offers a particular charm.

Performance Tuning:

In the case that you run in a Performance Problem. There are some common advices to boost up the game performance.

Tips & Tricks:

Game Information:

Topic Description
monster Monster There are a lot of monsters coming out of the woods. At the beginning there are waves of 15 later waves of 40 and more
Bosse Bosses Every 10 level starting at level 10 there will be a boss level with significant more health and speed, be prepared !
Bonus Level Bonus Level You can earn some extra money by defeating the bonus levels as good as possible. If a Bonus Monsters escapes it won't cost you a live.
Chooser Chooser Your cursor shows what you have currently selected. You can't select field where monster running over.
Towericepoison Tower There are 4 different types of towers and each one has a starting price of  10 $
Canontower Canon Tower The Canon tower has a area splash damage factor which is evaluated over the towers range. 50% of the towers range is calculated in the spash radius.
Debuffs Display Above the monster  is a life bar that is only shown if the monster is not at full health.
Below there is a green debuff marker that shows that a posion effect is present and a blue marker for the slow effect.
verkaufen Sell Selling a tower brings back 50% of the actual tower value
Tuning Tuning Tuning has "some" limitations. For example you can't get a fire-rate below 0.5 shots / second with a rifle tower. Every Tower can be upgradet up to 25 times, so concider carefully where to put the money.
Leben Live If you are low on lives you can buy yourself time by "buying" additional lives for 10$ / each
status StatusBar From left to rigth: Money, Level, remaining lives
status2 StatusBar From left to rigth: Remaining time to next wave and Score
Upgrads Tower Upgrades If you upgrade a tower it's shown as marker on the lower left corner. the first 10 Upgrades will marked in "one white strip every 2 upgrades" The following colors are green, yellow, blue and red.

League System

Because there are so ! many resolutions out there i divided them into 4 Categories. They all have different Tile-arrays starting from 6x7 Tiles to ULTRA League (e.g. Tablets) with 17x12 Tiles.
With a 800x480 resolution you would play in the MED-League. You see which league you are in when you click ob the Profile Button in the Main Menu. The support for Tablets is "not that good" because i don't scale the tiles to the resolutions that are available on the market. So if you are a proud owner of a Motrololla Xoom you will have a 80 Pixel blank arena on the right side of the game because the highest resolution only has 720 Pixel width.